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Bulk Services
Spectrum TV® Platinum  

o   2 Spectrum Receivers.
o  Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
o   Spectrum App to stream on any device in home or on the go 
o   200+ Channels available
o   Over 50,000+ movies, shows and Primetime Favorite On Demand Titles
o   Free HD
o   Exclusive Local Channels (Orlando)


o   FREE Internet modem and router.
o   FREE Security Suite.
o   Unlimited bandwidth with no data caps.
o   400Mbps / 20 Mbps with in-home Wi-Fi
o   Free Award Winning Anti-Virus software
o   Top Performing Internet provider delivering more speed, more consistently
o   The speed you need with the reliability you can trust  

Spectrum Internet® Ultra
*In February 2021 the Board of Directors entered into a bulk cable and internet contract with Spectrum Community Solutions. This contract involves every home in Poinciana having the cable and internet services described above, for the low price of $57.87 per month per home. This is not an optional service, it is part of your amenities in Poinciana and is included in your yearly assessments.  In 2022 this charge was included in yearly assessments to be paid to the Association of Poinciana Villages by each homeowner in a convenient monthly payment of $83.00 for 2023 , which are your assessments including your Bulk Services.
For the calendar year of 2023 this amount, $83.00, is due the 1st of every month and will incur a $25 late fee if not paid by the 15th, in addition, the first month past due will incur a $25.00 demand to pay. After the first 30 days of delinquency, your account will be sent to collections without further notice. 

Initial Notification Letter to the homeowners  sent to all homeowners by USPS

To receive your equipment and to establish yourself with Spectrum for your bulk services, simply call 1-855-326-5115 and explain that you are calling to order equipment and to begin your bulk services in Poinciana. 
Remember that anything that you may order above what is offered in your bulk service package i.e. phone, premium channels ect. will be billed by spectrum to you directly, and paid for by you, to spectrum. 
Channel Line Up 250 plus
Made exclusively for APV
Orlando service 
APV TV Platinum Lineup official_Page_1.j
APV TV Platinum Lineup official_Page_2.j

for technical issues, servicing and to report
any problem with your spectrum services
call                                855-326-5115 open 24/7

to make an appointment to speak to representative regarding Bulk Services please call 863-427-0900 ext. 701
Walk-in Appointments not available at this time

Send all optout documentation to

Incomplete optout applications will not be considered.
Be certain to read qualifications and instructions completely before sending and attach all needed documentation.

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