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Recursos de la comunidad

Teniendo en cuenta que Poinciana abarca dos condados, existen muchos recursos maravillosos para que los residentes y visitantes disfruten. Aquí encontrará información sobre los recursos de la Asociación de Poinciana Villages, además de información sobre los condados de Osceola y Polk.

Los enlaces de esta página le llevarán a información de servicio importante y útil. Es posible que desee mantener disponibles números de teléfono importantes para una referencia rápida, como la Oficina del Sheriff y los proveedores de agua y alcantarillado residenciales.

APV Directory of Extentions
The Association of Poinciana Villages
Oficina de administración
401 Walnut St.
Poinciana, Florida 34758
abierto de lunes a viernes
8:00 AM hasta 5:00 PM





Opcion 6



ext. 602


Community Service

ext. 127


Control de diseño

Opcion 5

LifeStyle Department
ext. 301
El Centro Anthony DePalma

Departamento de Obras Públicas

2200 Marigold Ave., Poinciana FL 34759

863-427-0900 ext 604

Mary Jane Arrington
APV Gymnasium
ext. 401
APV Fitness Center
ext 401
Victory Pool
ext. 504
Community Center
ext. 501


Paying your Assessments

Paying Your Assessments

Every year Homeowners receive a YEARLY STATEMENT by USPS. The statement will arrive late November to Early December. Please note  This is the only statement you will receive APV DOES NOT send monthly statements.
In this annual mailing you will find 
  • Board approved budget for the upcoming year
  • Statement similar to one below
  • Instructions for prospective candidates interested in running for village seats
  • Election information 
    • elections held every year on 2nd Tuesday of February
  • You can pay your yearly assessments in full at any time. 
  • If not paid in full the minimum monthly installment is due on the 1st day of every month
  • If you fail to have the monthly installment in the office by 5PM on the 15th of each month a $25.00 Late fee is assessed to your account. On the 16th of the month if payment has not been made a letter is sent as a reminder. This letter adds an additional $25.00 to the late fee.
    • with the exception that an error has been proven to be made in accounting.
  • Click the APV Collection Policy   to read resolution.
  • At this point, failure to pay will make your account liable for collection action by our attorney, without further notice.
Where to Pay
understand APV Accounting
Understanding APV Accounting System

Below please find some information in which explains how our accounting system is set up.
  • APV does not send monthly statements . 

  • Homeowners have the sole responsibility to keep their account in good standings. Reminder notices are not sent.

  • Maintenance Services and Bulk Services are not separate.

  • They are accounted together in your annual 2023 annual assessment of $996.00

    • $83.00 is deducted from your account monthly 

    • You can pay any amount  above $83.00, at any time

    • Any amount paid above the monthly amount due will be placed in your account.  

    • Your monthly payment of $83.00 will be deducted from your account  day 1 of each month.

    • Be certain to always have enough in your account to cover the monthly withdrawal of $83.00. 

  • Assessments are due the 1st of every month

    • After the 15th of the month a $25.00 late fee and additional collection costs will be assessed.

    • If account does not show a zero balance by last day of the month, your account could be sent to collection without further notice.

Once an account is in collections APV staff cannot speak to you about your account. All communication must be through collection attorney. Even if you have a dispute; the attorney will investigate your dispute.

If your account is in collections
If  Your Account is in Collections

The collections attorney will contact you by mail, please read this carefully as it will explain everything you need to know to return your account to good standings.
Unfortunately the APV office cannot discuss your account once it is with the collection attorney. If you dispute or feel there is an accounting error please relay this with collection attorney office with proof of dispute. They will investigate your claim with APV and clear up any misinformation.

Coming to the APV Offices to dispute your account will only delay clearing the dispute.

***Please note if your account is with collections for non- payment your click pay service will be frozen. You must contact the collection attorney for information. 
All correspondence must be through the Attorney, until all fees are paid and your account has been return to APV. 
Attention: It could take up to 3 weeks for your account to be returned to APV. 

  From the date your collections are cleared from collections you are responsible to pay  current and due assessments at APV office.  Advise clerk that you have been cleared from the attorney, and they will be able to accept your payment.
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