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Illegal Dumping has got to stop!

June 2021

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February 2021

Poinciana contracts for new bulk services for Poinciana 

Exciting things are happening in Poinciana as every home will be receiving new bulk TV and Internet services from Spectrum. Bulk servicing in Home Owner Association communities is becoming a common practice all over the country, but especially in Florida. 
Bulk Servicing in communities allows HOA's to contract with cable and internet providers to get special pricing for their homeowners by enabling their service in each home in the community. The larger the number of homes the bigger the discount. 
Spectrum presented the Board of Directors with an offer to upgrade all of the Spectrum infrastructure in Poinciana to produce high speed internet of 400Mbps and free Wi Fi modem and router. Spectrum offered their Premium TV Service of over 250 channels, 50,000 plus on demand movies, series, and prime time programing, and the Spectrum live streaming app. In addition Spectrum will provide 2 HD receiver boxes and 1 DVR. A price was presented at $52.00 per month plus taxes and fees for this service for the next 3 years. The Board insisted on a price that included all taxes and fees. Spectrum then presented a price of $57.87 inclusive of all taxes and fees, with the understand that if taxes and fees go up yearly it will be minimal. After the 4th year and through to the 7th year the base rate can increase no more than 3% or approximately $1.60 per year. In addition to this great price for residents of Poinciana, Spectrum offered to pay the community a door fee for each house the equip with the Bulk Service. This door fee will be used in the future for some great improvements to Poinciana for all to enjoy.
On February 9, 2021 The Board of Directors unanimously approve a bulk service deal with Spectrum. And on August 1st the first 3 villages will be officially upgraded and activated. the roll out dates are as follows.
Villages 2 , 5, 9            August 1, 2021
Village 1                     September 1, 2021
Village 3                    October 1, 2021
Villages 7 and 8         November 1, 2021

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Our Hats Off Awards

Given to Community Members that show a love of community

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While the State of Florida was shut down due to the Covid 19 Pandemic...

The Poinciana Beautiful Crew at APV wanted to do something for the community during these very uncertain times. The BOD approved the management to bring some vibrant colors and life into the common areas that they manage.

 We could not have imagined the transformation that took place and the amount of joy that it brought to the community who came to stroll thru the amazing gardens entranceways.

Easter Bunnies and Eggs



Our Annual Easter Extravaganza will be slightly different this year as to comply with Covid guidelines. The Easter Bunny will be outside of the Mary Jane Aquatic Center handing out goody bags to each car that is signed up to attend. The Easter Bunny is excited to be in Poinciana Once again this year wishing everyone a Happy Easter 

Easter Decorations
Saturday March 20, 2021
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Poinciana is Going Green

In an effort to bring Poinciana an environmentally safe alternative to chemicals and efficiency in  man hour management. Management has introduced a species of fish in our ponds to control underwater plant life in an effort to keep our ponds clean and running properly.

The Triploid Grass Carp is a hungry species that have a sole menu of underwater plant life. They can eat 3X their weight per day of the foliage that clogs up our ponds. The village 9 has used the Grass Carp to manage their ponds for the past 10 years, with great success. We have initially place 15 sterile Grass Carp in our pond in front of the Administration Building. 

The Triploid Grass Carp at full size can grow to 6.6 feet in length and

weigh up to 90 pounds. These fish are unlawful to possess without a

permit to do so. If fishing in our ponds should you happen to catch

one please release it back into the pond unharmed.

This is the law and a finable offense if witnessed by a Fish and Game

Officer. All of our ponds that are stocked with these fish will be


marked with a sign. 


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